Learn To Read Blood Tests!

Learn to Understand Blood Work!
This knowledge is crucial for health practitioners!

Blood tests reveal crucial information about health issues that otherwise may not be known. You can easily learn if a health problem involves infection, anemia, or simple dehydration just by a quick look at the numbers. Aliza will be teaching about red and white blood cells, immunity, liver enzymes, kidney function, thyroid function, hormones, blood chemistry, and a lot more.


Aliza Adar Levine, RNMH, Nurse, Midwife, TCM Herbalist who has over 30 years experience, will show you how you can discover what is going on in the body by looking closely at blood work. This information can help you to become better educated and therefore become an advocate for your own health care.
Location: Aliza’s Place, Kiryat Hayovel, Jerusalem

Classes forming for morning and evening.

Cost: 600 shekels for four sessions


Call Naomi to order today: (02) 571-4978 or 058-323-3320

or send an email to alizas.place@gmail.com


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