Herbal Medicine Courses

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology – Beginner Level

(No previous knowledge needed)

You will learn TCM theory, TCM diagnostic skills, and treatment strategies that work.

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology – Intermediate Level

(Basic background in yin, yang, and the zhang fu system needed)

You will learn different herbal medicine systems:  Chinese, Indian (ayurvedic), European, and American Indian. You will learn scientific research, local plants and their usage, diagnostic skills, treatment strategies that work, and herbal and herbal formula expertise.  Most sessions will include a case study for hands-on experience.

Professional Apprentice Program –Advanced Level

(Strong background in Chinese medicine/Herbology needed)

You will learn quick diagnosis skills, treatment strategies that work, herbal and herbal formula expertise, and how to work successfully with patients.

Successful  mastery of training qualifies you for employment as an TCM herbalist in our clinic, Aliza’s Place.

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