Doula Training

Are you interested in being a Doula (labor coach)?

Come to a Certified Doula Course given by Aliza Adar Levine, RNMH/Nurse/ Midwife/TCM Herbalist/Medical Researcher.  No prior knowlege is necessary.
The course is a fast-paced, entertaining, and practical hands-on workshop, with demonstations, psychodramas, videos, and solid medical information. You will learn to spot medical problems, read monitors, read basic blood tests, decipher medical terms, and help with nursing the baby.
There are many doula courses out there.  Come learn with Aliza, the nurse/midwife who first brought labor coaching to Israel back in 1989


There is a qualifying exam and a certificate on completion, allowing you to work in the hospital.
The course is 12 weeks long, with learning sessions meeting one time a week for 3 hours.

Classes are forming for  morning and evening courses.

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Doula Course Full Payment

Doula Course – 3 Payments

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