All courses are given by Aliza Adar Levine.

Certificates are awarded upon satisfactory completion of each course.

Courses are applicable for Continuing Education Credits for practitioners.

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 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Courses

TCM Tongue Diagnosis Workshop Seminar – Beginner Level

(No previous knowledge needed)

You will learn to understand and identify basic TCM patterns and health problems.  Includes learning how to diagnose basic  problems based on the Ancient Art of TCM Tongue Diagnosis.

Decipher Your Blood Tests

(No previous knowledge necessary)

Learn how to discover what is going on in your body by looking closely at your blood work.  You can easily learn if a health problem involves infection or simple dehydration just by a quick look at the numbers.

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology – Beginner Level

(No previous knowledge needed)

You will learn TCM theory, TCM diagnostic skills, and treatment strategies that work.

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology – Intermediate Level

(Basic background in yin, yang, and the zhang fu system needed)

You will learn different herbal medicine systems:  Chinese, Indian (ayurvedic), European, and American Indian. You will learn scientific research, local plants and their usage, diagnostic skills, treatment strategies that work, and herbal and herbal formula expertise.  Most sessions will include a case study for hands-on experience.

Professional Apprentice Program –Advanced Level

(Strong background in Chinese medicine/Herbology needed)

You will learn quick diagnosis skills, treatment strategies that work, herbal and herbal formula expertise, and how to work successfully with patients.

Successful  mastery of training qualifies you for employment as an TCM herbalist in our clinic, Aliza’s Place.

Other Courses

Certified Doula Course

Check the Doula Course page in order to see exact details about this certified course.

Mini Doula Class for Future Grandmothers

(If requested, this workshop will also be given for fathers-to-be)

Learn to be an active participant at your grandchild’s birth.  Learn how to safely support your daughter/ daughter-in-law/friend through labor and birth.  You will be surprised to learn how much you can actually help.

Learn effective breathing techniques, acupressure, massage, and herbal remedies.