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Learn To Read Blood Tests!

Learn to Understand Blood Work! This knowledge is crucial for health practitioners! Blood tests reveal crucial information about health issues that otherwise may not be known. You can easily learn if a health problem involves infection, anemia, or simple dehydration just by a quick look at the numbers. Aliza will be teaching about red and white […]


Doula Training

Are you interested in being a Doula (labor coach)? Come to a Certified Doula Course given by Aliza Adar Levine, RNMH/Nurse/ Midwife/TCM Herbalist/Medical Researcher.  No prior knowlege is necessary. The course is a fast-paced, entertaining, and practical hands-on workshop, with demonstations, psychodramas, videos, and solid medical information. You will learn to spot medical problems, read monitors, read basic blood […]



Welcome to Aliza’s Place! Aliza has a good thing and wants to share it with you! ​ Aliza’s Place is here to help you feel great – physically and emotionally, and ultimately to help you help yourself! Aliza’s Place is an Herbal Clinic where you can receive personal treatment, and get herbal remedies that really […]